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It’s unbelievable: it’s the Nano’s 10th anniversary. It’s the Nano’s 10th anniversay and many of us cannot stop thinking… How could we even train before that?! The feeling is similar of trying to think about life without something as usual as Instagram (who’s 10th anniversary is also this year).

The celebration of this Nano’s anniversary is the celebration of 10 years filled with hundreds of thousands of reps, no reps, WODs, PRs, calluses, competitions, rankings… Nano’s anniversary is the anniversary of our training, our anniversary, and Reebok wants to congratulate all of us with the most wanted launch of the year:


You liked the Nano 9, a lot. It’s not just us saying that; all the product surveys after their launch on the summer of 2019 confirm that, and they set the bar high for the innovations of the Nano X… So, if you enjoyed training with the Reebok Nano 9, can you imagine what would be to to so with the Nano X on your feet?

The Nano X are the most versatile training shoes ever made till now, so the Reebok designers say, focusing on 4 major improvings:

COMFORT: The shoes interior and its tongue are covered with a high density foam, which gives a kind of comfort you will feel from the first moment. In addition to that, the widness of the tip of the shoe, characteristic of the Reebok Nano (and our toes love that) is kept on the inside of the Nano X, while estetically they gained a more stilish exterior.

As the Reebok Training Footwear Product Manager, Tal Short, said in an interview with Morning Chalk Up:

You almost forget you have it on. It fits really nice. It probably is the best fitting Nano.”

HOLD: The new Reebok Nano X design introduces a strong grid on the sides of the half-foot to increase the holding feeling, so needed during our training.

ENDURANCE: The Flexwave material, typical on the top part of the Nano shoes, has been strengthened to avoid the tissue to drop with the time, offering a better stability for your feet and a longer life.

DESIGN: As we said before, the Reebok Nano 9 were welcomed greatly by the athlete community, that’s why they decided to keep one of their features: the sole.

Apart from that, is undeniable that the Nano X brings many changes, with their more dinamic and  almost “streetwear” look. That is thanks to their more stilish tip, a higher shoes compared to the one of their older sisters, and surely thanks to the introduction of the well-known logo, which reminds us the Reebok Classics collections.

About the design, Tal Short from Reebok also said:

“we wanted them to look like a shoe, not like a part of an equipment”

It seems like they achieved that.

Happy birthday, Reebok Nano!

Available on www.fittestfreakest.com :

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