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The “Superrep” is Nike’s new training shoe designed to serve the performance needs of the high intensity freaks, athletes that choose to crush high impact class activities such as HIIT or bootcamp.


Beyond its spectacular aesthetics, the new Nike Air Zoom SuperRep is an innovative shoe designed especially for the demands of high intensity classes, where movements are diverse and designed to pursue the maximum effort with the maximum repetitions possible.

Burpees, lunges, jumping squats, knee lifts, push-ups, mountain climbers, box jumps… You only need to try the new Superrep for 5’ to know that this new family of training shoes will revolutionize the world of fitness and consolidate Nike’s commitment to bring to gyms worldwide the same level of performance experience that is offered to professional athletes.

«Fitness and fitness classes are a worldwide success. Training is a sport itself and Nike SuperRep is designed to meet the performance needs of these activities ».

Jamie Jeffries, vice president and CEO of Nike Training.


“The design of the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep takes into account hundreds of hours spent sweating it out, studying and observing fitness classes. In those classes, it became apparent that athletes were either wearing shoes that were cushioned or shoes that were supportive, but there wasn’t a shoe that provided both cushioning and support specific to fundamental HIIT movements.”

  • Air Zoom front: the dynamic front sole with Zoom Air units offers cushioning and reactivity, boosting movement speed, lightness for jumps and protection against impact repetition after repetition.
  • Burpee Break: the front sole has a flexible cut to put the foot in optimal position during burpees, push-ups, planks and mountain climbers.
  • Containment arches: the rigid side arches of the sole provide support in lateral movements such as lateral jumps preventing the foot from slipping inside the shoe.
  • Stability plate: the mid-foot plate helps to roll up on the toes favoring feet’s stabilization towards the ready position typical of many vertical movements of the HIIT classes.

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep launches on January 3rd in store and online at  www.fittestfreakest.com

Photos by Nike.


After an online casting with the challenges of the coaches @ginnapedros and @rvbengarcia , the selected finalists faced the final #Superrepfreaks casting: 4 tests, 4 hours, good vibes and a killer workout!

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